Guide to Play Call of Duty Mobile Version on Windows 10 PC

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is a high on demand first-person shooter (FPS) game. It was developed by Tencent Games. Traditionally, CODM is played on phones. However, playing it on a phone may not satisfy the user’s requirements. So, here’s simple step by step to download and play Call of Duty game on your Windows 10 Computers.

call of duty mobile game on PC

When handling this game on a phone, the user’s sight is restrained by a small screen and lack of space may affect his or her control. CODM can also be played on a PC using the GameLoop emulator. This emulator is well known for providing a good experience when playing other mobile games on PC. Other emulators can as well be used to play CODM.

CODM has inherited the classic game modes, weapons, characters, and maps from Call of Duty PC series. CODM is an innovative installment of the existed “Call of Duty” Saga. It combines the Modern Welfare and Black Ops to set the whole battle as well as gaming background in the modern war conflicts.

This game differs from other FPS games since the players can discover distinctive game modes like Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies alongside several maps that might be more interesting on a computer.


Here is how to play Call of Duty Mobile using GameLoop emulator:

Download Call of Duty Mobile For PC

GameLoop is specially made for playing games such as CODM and PUBG Mobile among others. This emulator will allow you to play the CODM game on a big screen. Follow the steps below and enjoy playing the game on your PC.

  • Download the GameLoop emulator by clicking on the link provided below.
  • Install GameLoop on your PC. Once you have installed the emulator on your PC, in most instances it will automatically start downloading PUBG Mobile on your computer. You will have to cancel the download.
  • Run the emulator and press the game center option on the left side of your window.
  • Now, you can easily find the Call of Duty Mobile using the GameLoop emulator. You can even make use of the search options to find the game.
  • After you have found the game, you can click on the “install” tab which is at the bottom of the screen on the right side.
  • Upon clicking on the “install” button, the emulator will download Call of Duty for PC.

Once you finish the game installation, you will be required to move to the “My Games” button on the left side of your PC’s screen. Click on that button and launch the game to play.

Enjoy Call of Duty Mobile Version on PC

Playing Call of Duty Mobile using GameLoop allows an individual to break through the limitation of mobile phones with bigger screens while obtaining benefits such as:

  • Accurate and Fast Control with Keyboard as well as Mouse

Accurate control is among the important requirements of CODM-players. GameLoop provides exclusive key-mapping which improves the players’ shooting as well as aiming skills. Therefore, unexpected lagging, stuck, and slow loading problems will not be experienced when you’re playing CODM using GameLoop.

  • Lower Equipment Requirement

So as to have smooth shooting experience, players of FPS games are highly concerned about the quality of the equipment. When it comes to playing CODM on a PC using GameLoop, you will have a longer gaming duration compared to when playing on a smartphone as you will rarely experience power-off issues.

  • Ultimate Vision and Graphics

FPS games require high HD design. GameLoop is an excellent emulator that features tremendous graphics with a 2k resolution. This gives the players an opportunity to enjoy an immersive gaming experience while playing CODM.

It is possible to control the whole game since the GameLoop emulator is already available with all the controls. The default controllers can be seen on the right side of your window. GameLoop also provides you with the options for custom control on the right side of the window.

While playing CODM, you are placed on different matchmaking lobby as the game will identify that you’re playing on an emulator. For instance, individuals who play CODM using GameLoop emulator will be put up against players who are also using an emulator.

Gamers who invite friends who are playing the game on mobiles are matched against other teams that have both mobile and emulator players.

top antivirus for windows 10

Download Top 5 Free Antivirus For PCs

top antivirus for windows 10

Antivirus business is booming in the current century. It is for a good reason though. Nowadays millions and millions of new people are buying new computers and laptops. With the increase in PC users, the attacks on Windows OS PCs are increasing in an exponential manner. Now more than ever, we all need to use one of the best premium antivirus on our Windows 10 Computers.

AVG Antivirus

  • AVG antivirus is among the excellent virus detection engines for Windows 10 PCs.
  • When this software is installed on your PC, you can browse the internet without qualms.
  • It is available with an easy-to-use user interface which enhances the efficient performance of operations.
  • AVG removes any malware affected file in your PC within seconds.
  • In addition, AVG performs a full system scan at regular intervals of time. Moreover, this antivirus software is great when it comes to the detection of phishing attacks. You can download the AVG antivirus trial version for free.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

  • Panda Cloud is a cloud-based antivirus software which is available in both free and paid versions.
  • This antivirus software was developed by Panda Security. With Panda Cloud antivirus, you are allowed to perform a quick or full system scan.
  • You can perform a quick scan of all the drives, folders, and files contained in your Windows 10 PC using it.
  • The full system scan provides you with a report of the threats removed daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • This software also runs constantly in the background while offering protection against the latest viruses or malware.
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus is simple to use and can be utilized by anyone who possesses the basic knowledge of antivirus software.

Apart from these antiviruses, there are many more free antivirus Windows 10 are available out there. They are all explained in the Win98central blog.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is an excellent antivirus software which stops malware before it downloads in your Windows 10 PC. This software doesn’t use a lot of system resources while running. When performing deep scans using this software, your PC doesn’t experience any slowdown.  Kaspersky also features a virtual keyboard that is intended to shield anything you type online against trackers as well as keyloggers.

cyber attacks on pcs

Avira Antivirus

Avira is reliable antivirus software for Windows 10 PCs. It runs by consuming a few resources of your system. This antivirus program is available with a built-in malware detection service which automatically protects your computer against any malware. Besides, it scans the data downloaded from the internet to detect any threats. You can as well use this software to perform a full system scan. The most interesting thing about Avira is that it is capable of dealing with all types of viruses.

Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is offered for free for 30 days with all its features available. This software is available with a few extra features which are not commonly included in the basic antivirus software such as a password manager and a firewall. These features are essential tools for keeping your Windows 10 PC safe by stopping malicious downloads and protecting your online identity. Norton antivirus runs at an average speed and performs an automatic scan of the system.

Windows defender is good at stopping threats from infecting your Windows 10 PC but results from various lab tests show that it is not foolproof. Therefore, I recommend you install one of the above antivirus software in your PC to help in protecting it against viruses or malware.

Roadrunner Login Guide – How to Sign in to TWC

In this RoadRunner Log in Guide article, I’ll show you the way to go online to Roadrunner e-mail without difficulty. In case you don’t have an account in RR mail, then you may additionally find the registration procedure here.

Roadrunner e-mail is a far-famed internet provider issued through the Time Warner Cable service. Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable television companies in America. Many people are using RR (Roadrunner) webmail as their ISP because of its recognition and popularity. Roadrunner electronic mail login is convenient to operate.

Roadrunner Login Steps at

1). Start by browsing the Roadrunner login website, and you’ll find the login page of Roadrunner webmail.

2). Provide your e-mail address and the password which is associated with Time Warner Cable or Roadrunner mail then select your preferred language, either English or Spanish.

3). After doing everything, click on the blue-colored “Login” button then within a few seconds, you’ll see your Roadrunner mail account. That’s the precise method you want to go through to login to Roadrunner mail or Time Warner Cable account.

Reset Roadrunner Login Password

In case, in case you forgot Roadrunner’s login information, then here is the manner to recover the details without any difficulty. First, I’ll show how to reset the Road Runner login password.

1). At the login web page, click on “Forgot your Password?” alternative. You will see a new electronic Password Reset web page then you will once more see two reset links.

2). One link states – you already know your password, but you want to exchange it. The other hyperlink states – you don’t have your password, and you want to create one. Click on at any hyperlink consistent with your scenario.

3). In case, you click on the second link; you will enter your electronic mail and do the captcha verification then submit it. You will acquire a password reset link in your e-mail. Follow that link, and you can set the brand new password.

4). If you forgot your e-mail, then this is the procedure to retrieve the Road Runner login e-mail. Click on the “Forgot your e-mail address?” option above the password alternative.

5). You will see the Username Retrieval tool page. Enter your 10-digit phone number and then submit. After that, observe the on-screen instructions and then complete the process. You will quickly get to recover your username or e-mail.

Register for new Road Runner Email Account

1). To start, visit your browser, then search for the Road Runner signup website. Input your Zip Code and phone number, set up a Road Runner account.

2). If you provide each of them correctly, then you’ll move further to create a new account, comply with the instructions on-display and complete the registration. After you mop up with the whole lot, you can log in to Road Runner usage credentials.

Road Runner Webmail features

1). It is one of the famous internet service providers in the United States of America.

2). Thousands of people use it as their ISP for television, internet, video games, and many others.

3). Being provided by the Time Warner Cable has helped Road Runner gained several trusts.

4). Road Runner gives a vast variety of services to its customers.

5). Road Runner services are accessible through iPhone, iPad, and any Android mobile.

6). Electronic mail settings on Road Runner sites are straightforward to set up.

Pokemon Go is Available for iOS and Android

The latest game app to have taken the market by storm, player literally crashing servers is the Pokemon Go in the Pokemon series. It belongs to the augmented reality genre and involves a smartphone and a single or multiple players with real-world involvement and outdoor activities. So who developed it? What is the game all about and how to play it?

The Pokemon Go app was conceptualised in 2014. Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara of Pokemon company in collaboration with Google developed it, while Junichi Masuda composed the soundtrack of the game. It was formerly called the Pokemon Challenge. It has been launched in many countries as Pokemon GO in July 2016 for both Android and iOS devices. Pokemon Go Android apk is available for all latest versions of Android mobiles. The app uses GPS and camera to create the augmented reality for users.

A player has to create an avatar based on his/her gender and assign looks and clothes by choosing hair, colour, etc. Once it is created, it shows the avatar in the location where the player is situated and also maps the immediate surroundings. The player must then set out, in reality, to locate and capture hidden Pokemons which are usually found in public places like gardens, waterfalls, cemeteries, etc.

Pokemon Go App Facts

In this version, players don’t battle the pokemons, they only capture it by throwing a “Pokeball”, and the success depends on the right force, timing and the kind of Pokeball used. With every catch, the player is rewarded with two kinds of in-app currencies, candy and stardust. These are used to increase the combat power (CP) of the Pokemon, which is a measure of roughly how active or evolved a Pokemon is.

Candies help them develop, and it also depends on the evolution branch from which the Pokemon is created. There are also locations called Pokestops and Pokemon gyms. Players with the higher level of experience in in-house activities can battle in Pokemon Gyms and increase their prestige. The primary target of the game is to complete all the entries in the Pokedex, an Encyclopedia containing 152 Pokemon in total.

While the app is free to play, the users can purchase in-house Poke Balls to enhance their experience from Play store or Apple store.

If you don’t stay in the countries where Pokemon Go has been released, here’s how you can download and install the app on your Android and iOS devices:

For Android users, download the APK file from this link:émon-go/com.nianticlabs.pokemongo

On your phone, go to Settings and then to Security, and allow installation of software from unknown source. Now install the downloaded APK format file and you are ready to play.

For Apple users, they need to log out from their devices and create a new ID on their phone or tablet and select a different region such as the USA.After creating a new ID, log in to it and go to Apple store and search for Pokemon GO, download and install it. You are done!