Zombie Apocalypse Vs. The Red Cross

No this isn't a fight to the death or a 'one is better than the other' situation. In fact, quite the opposite. We're going to compare the differences between what the Red Cross recommends to be prepared and what we recommend to be prepared.

Recently, our local San Antonio Red Cross chapter, had a quiz that asked, "Are You Prepared for a Disaster?"

We were intrigued and decided to take the little 6 question quiz.

And quickly failed.

We didn't fail because we aren't prepared, it's because their answers differ completely from our own. They are thinking in a disaster situation, while we're thinking apocalyptic.

Here are the questions they asked, what we chose and what's the real answer.

First question:

We chose: "Have a one-day supply of food and water." The correct answer? "Have copies of your important documents ready."

I can see where the Red Cross is coming from. In a disaster situation there are going to be government and state officials that will find those documents handy, especially if you have to leave your home. However, in a zombie apocalypse situation, food and water is a bit more important.

Second question:

We chose: "Your Closest neighbor." The correct answer? "An out-of-state friend or relative."

I can see where the Red Cross is coming from. In a disaster situation, you'll probably be wanting to get far away, possibly to another state. However, in the zombie apocalypse, having an emergency content is kind of null and void.

Third question:

We chose: "Candles" The correct answer? "Extra cash."

Ok, I can see where they're coming from. In a DISASTER scenario, extra cash could come in handy. In a zombie apocalypse situation, however, it will not come in handy at all.

Forth question:

We chose: "One Gallon Milk Jug." The correct answer? "Large soda bottles."

Since jerry can wasn't an option, we chose the milk jug since it would be sufficient. But they want us to carry around a bunch of large soda bottles, which seems counter-productive to us.

Fifth question:

We chose: "No more than 1 day." The correct answer? "At least 3 days."

I understand what they mean by this, give yourself a few days to get your stuff together again. But honestly, I'd re-stock ASAP.

Sixth question:

We chose: "Battery powered radio." The correct answer? "Battery powered radio."

This is the ONLY one we agree on. Haha.

In conclusion, the Red Cross isn't wrong. They certainly know what they're talking about. It's just interesting to see the differences between what they consider to be important for a disaster situation and what we deem important for a disaster situation.

Obviously this quiz is just to get people thinking about a survival kit and what-not, there's a lot more to it than just what was given in the this quiz.

Stay safe out there!