Why Are People So Afraid of Zombies?

Zombies are pretty terrifying to look at it. But are their looks the only thing that scare us?

I wouldn't say their grotesque looks are the only aspect that scare people. They may look scary, but so does this creature, whatever the hell this is, and we don't go around hunting it fearing that it could bring about the scary animal apocalypse.

But the thing that scares us the most is, the virus that zombies carry.

This virus can easily be spread from one person to another simply through bodily fluids. So whether the zombie actually bites you or not, if you get some spray back from their fluids into a scrape, nose, cut, mouth, etc., you can be turned into a zombie.

Because of this, zombies will spread at an exponential rate and therefore creating the zombie apocalypse in no time flat.

This fear of the human race being wiped out from a simple virus is what scares us. Zombies will come at us in HUGE hordes which hope to overpower us and eat our flesh. New zombies will be turned left and right until either all the living are turned undead or until all zombies are double tapped.

The majority of humans fear death. We would no longer be ourselves when the zombie virus takes over, even though we'd still be walking about and eating flesh, we would no longer be human.

Unlike being bit by a vampire where you just turn into a living undead and get to live for all eternity (if you're chosen to be turned, that is), zombies are turned into walking shells and have no recollection of who they once were or how to be human.

That's our theory as to why we're so afraid of zombies.

Why are YOU afraid of zombies?