Top 3 Alternative Communication Methods During a Disaster

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Some of the following communication methods aren't necessarily the best for long distances (more than 2 miles), however, the point of alternative communication methods isn't to be able to speak with your team members at long distances. It's more to be able to communicate with your team in short distances. Y'all should already have a plan of action when it comes to escape routes and meetup points and from there, you'll use these points of communication from then on.

CB radio: CB radios can usually get up to 2 miles of crystal clear voice. We've tested this distance personally. When it comes to choosing a CB for your vehicle, any CB should work just fine, you don't need a super expensive or fancy one.

Walkie talkies: Most store bought walkie talkies will get a fairly good distance, maybe 300 yards, which could be enough for you and your team. It's best to try out different types of walkie talkies to see what works best for y'all. The type of hand held walkies that we use is the police edition Icom F4S-4 F4S 4W which gives about 1 and a half miles worth of crystal clear voice clarity. We've tested the distance personally.

HAM radio: HAM radios usually get the longest and best range, however, you do need a license in order to run a HAM radio. Of course, a license won't matter in the apocalypse, but it DOES matter for right now. HAM radios are extremely fun to get involved with and can be an awesome communication method for extremely long distances. Find a local HAM radio club in your area to learn about getting your HAM license.

Another thing to keep in mind about communication methods is how you're going to charge the batteries if there's no running electricity. How easy are the batteries to acquire? Do they need to be charged or just buy new batteries? Can you charge the batteries with solar power? Or do you simple need to buy extra battery packs?

If you see a ZRT vehicle with a CB antenna (& you happen to have a CB), turn to channel 3 & say hello!