Machete Not Necessarily For Killing Zombies

We sell a Machete in our store and a lot of people ask us whether that's really the best thing to be selling. Cause, you know, of the possibility of spray back, the amount of skill it takes and in general how effective it would be against a zombie.

We have talked about splash back numerous times on our Forums, Facebook page, Twitter page & even on our podcast. However, we understand that we get new comrades each day, so here's a low-down of how we feel about machete's and why we still think they're viable:

A machete is not necessarily for killing zombies. We never said that a machete should be used to kill a zombie. However, a machete will be absolutely essential for cutting brush, cutting down little trees and so forth. It's more for survival purposes than for killing.

A machete is used only when ammo is not available or when you do not have a gun available. However, we also always suggest that people carry a melee weapon with them at all times as a backup for when your ammo runs out. Ammo maybe unlimited on TV and in movies, but in real life, if you're running about, you're not going to be able to carry that much nor be able to find ammo on a consistent basis.

There are many preventative ways to keep splash back off of you. As we've said in our Podcast and other social networks, keeping a mask near by, wearing gloves, wearing sun glasses, high boots and bandaging your scrapes and wounds, will prevent most splash back. But of course, as said above, the machete is only to be used as a back up.

Machete's are light weight and easier to wield than other melee weapons. The machete is pretty much an all-purpose melee weapon and best of all, it's much easier to wield than, say, a sword. We suggest that you practice with your machete, of course, but if you were to just pick up a machete and start to wield it, you'd have better luck with it than most other melee weapons.

So as you can see, as with many other tools we carry with us in our bug out bags or have with us in our homes, the machete is just another tool for you to use on your zombie apocalypse journey. It's a tool that has versatile uses and is not necessarily for killing zombies; but it could be if it came to that.