Definition of 15 Common Survival Acronyms


As a society, we LOVE acronyms. Acronyms are becoming especially apparent with Twitter, texting and general social media. There are an abundance of acronyms and new ones are popping up a regular basis. But, we've decided to define the 15 most common survival related acronyms.

BOB = Bug Out Bag. This is the bag that is packed with specific items that will help you survive for a specific period of time that you grab to 'bug out'.

SHTF = Shit (or Stuff) Hits The Fan. This is often stated as such, "When shit hits the fan, you'll...."

INCH = I'm Never Coming Home. This is usually an extension of the BOB, but this kit is built for the case in which you're not planning on coming home.

BOL = Bug Out Location. This is the bug out location in which you plan to bug out to.

BOV = But Out Vehicle. This is the vehicle in which you plan to bug out in.

HAM = This actual term has never really been identified, but it's a term used to describe the activities of licensed amateur radio operators.

CB = Citizen Band radio. A system of short-distance radio communications between individuals, can be hand held or the type that truckers use.

WROL = Without Rule of Law. Generally, this is referring to when S is HTF.

MIL-SPEC = Military Specification. This refers to anything that is designed to be used in the military, such as tac vests and paracord.

EDC = Everyday Carry. These are the items that you carry on your person at all times.

CERT = Community Emergency Response Team. Group of volunteers that help in disasters, usually represented by FEMA.

NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They provide us with weather warnings. So whenever you see 'NOAA weather radios', they will provide you with proper, up-to-date, weather warnings.

TEOTWAWKI = The End of The World as We Know It. Same concept as SHTF.

STOP = STOP, THINK, OBSERVE, PLAN. This is meant to keep you focused so that you don't just rush into a situation.

MRE = Meal, Ready To Eat. This is usually the food that is given to those in the military to be eaten while out in the field.

Are there any other common acronyms that you've seen a lot of but may not be familiar with?