Challenge Yourself by Living Without Amenities


We rely heavily on everyday amenities. While that may be electricity, running water, gas, going to the grocery store for our every desire and jumping on our phone or computer whenever we want entertainment or want to purchase something. We have everything at our fingertips and we have grown accustomed to relying on the ability to have whatever we want, when we want it.

So while we may be preparing to live without those amenities, we don't always put that preparation into action.

Instead of waiting for a disaster to knock out your lights or keep you from having running water or even prevent you from driving down the street; simulate an experience in which an everyday amenity is no longer available.

Start small, turn off the lights for 4 hours and see how well you adjust.

Before the challenge, make sure that you're prepared to the capacity that you feel you need to be prepared.

You'll quickly discover how much we truly rely on electricity for everyday living, eating and general survival. And you'll discover what you need to adjust, such as having more candles, or having your BOB in an easier to reach spot or whatever it may be.

Challenge yourself at least once a month (if not more) to live without a specific amenity. If you're with a family, this is even more important as you'll help them realize what is needed of them to help support the survival process for the whole family.

Once you've got living without one amenity down, then move onto living without 2, then 3, etc, etc, until one day you can live without every amenity without feeling stuck.

By getting in the habit of living without a specific everyday amenity, when that amenity is suddenly gone, you'll have peace of mind because you'll have the mindset and skills to handle it without feeling as if you *should have* done something else or that you need something else to be fully prepared to handle the situation.

We're preparing for the worst, which means living without things that we rely on everyday to keep our civilized lives moving forward.

Challenge yourself!

Good luck!