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Zombie Response Team is an organization dedicated to educating people on how to be prepared for disaster and emergency situations by preparing you for the absolute worst situation; the zombie apocalypse.


Josh is our leader. He's also the co-founder of Zombie Response Team. He's also the MacGyver of the group, give him a problem and he'll figure a way out a solution to it.


Morgan is the archery expert. She's also the other co-founder of Zombie Response Team. She's also the communication specialist; if you see posts on social media or get a reply via email, it's most likely from her.


Dan is another founder of Zombie Response Team. He's also our weapons expert. He's also done 90% of the graphics you see on this website.


This is Eric. He's an original member of ZRT. He's also the fire and first aid expert.


Noel is our resident general prepper. He's been prepping for a long, long time and he's an invaluable part to the team.


Nick has served in the Army and is our resident tactical ambassador.

Above are the main group of people that help make ZRT what it is today. But outside of the people above, we have friends that help us out on a regular basis with many tasks. Including:


And many more!

We are so honored with the great support from our members and volunteers; we wouldn't be anything without them.

Emily has devoted some of her graphic artist talent to help us out. Check out her design company.

We take prepping seriously, but we also like to have fun:


ZRT is constantly developing new ideas and ways to survive the Zombie Apocalypse so keep up to date by checking out the site, and by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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