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You're invited!!

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To all ZRT members, friends, and followers; you are cordially invited to join in the celebration!

After the turkey is carved and pies are a distant memory, you can change gears and celebrate all things ZOMBIE. Join us Sunday, November 30th from 12noon - 6pm EST at an online celebration of the publishing of ZRT's blog's contributing author S.G. Lee's17 book Journal of the Undead: Littleville Uprising. In addition winning S.G's book and some cool prizes (some from the ZRT store), there will be books from 10 of my favorite ZomPoc authors to be given away as prizes. To sweeten the deal, there will be books in all formats: paperback, ebook, audiobook, and even advanced review copies. You could be the first to read zombie stories that haven't been released yet! Simply click on the link below and then select "JOIN". It's that simple. Then on the 30th log on and get ready to have fun!



Get Prepared NOW! Don't Procrastinate!


I'm a huge procrastinator. When I look at my to-do list everyday, I seem to always put off half of it for the following day.

But when it comes to prepping, I don't procrastinate.

Why, you ask?

Because an emergency or disaster could happen AT ANY TIME. And if I put off getting prepared and learning new skills and making sure my packs are up to date on a the regular, then when something finally does end up happening, I'll be scrambling to get prepared all at once!

It's better to prepare little by little.

Start with the basics:

Get some flashlights and candles along with extra batteries and matches

Get some nonperishable food items

Buy an extra 24 pack of bottled water

Buy a backpackers stove and camping propane tank

Bam. You're prepared at home to handle an emergency or disaster!

Doesn't seem like a lot, does it? EVERYTHING above can be bought when you're doing your weekly/monthly grocery shopping. There's just no excuse to NOT be prepared at your home.

Of course, once you're prepared at home, you can move onto getting prepared to bug out with a bug out bag, exit plans, etc. But that can be accomplished little by little depending on your disposable income.

So why do people procrastinate when it comes to getting prepared?

It's mainly because people don't really believe that anything will happen any time soon. Even if they live in tornado alley or a place prone to terrible snow storms or floods or whatever, they just want to live their normal life and not think about the bad things.

It's fine to live your normal life, you don't have to focus your WHOLE LIFE on prepping. All you need to do is focus a little bit of time here and there throughout your week to get and stay prepared.

Honestly, when we're not doing ZRT biz, we're only spending about 5 hours out of our week getting prepared. And that could be going to the range, changing out stuff in our bags, getting new food, learning a new skill or whatever. Sometimes we'll take it a step further and take a really long class during the weekend or something, but that's MAYBE once a month.

We try to stay engaged in the community, as well. I'm a big believer in getting involved in the prepper community because seeing other people getting prepared is a GREAT motivator for yourself.

Don't procrastinate. Even if it's something small, empower yourself and feel confident to be able to handle anything by getting prepared today!


Review: Outward Hound Dog Packs

Photo Oct 08, 7 48 51 PM

We have our dogs carry their own bug out bags and in order for them to do that, they need dog packs.

When we needed packs for our dogs, we looked into Outward Hound because they have a good track record for great products.


There's LOTS of room
There's a little mesh pouch inside
They're adjustable
Affordable, running around $20 on amazon.


They're a little TOO big
The straps aren't very padded, so I could see it rubbing the dogs wrong quickly

The biggest con with these packs is that they are so big. What you see in the pic is what we put inside the packs and there's just too much extra room. The stuff inside the pouches just rumble around, which causes a lot of friction for the dogs which causes more fatigue.

If you do choose these packs, if you normally choose large items for your dog, try the medium size, that should be about right.

Overall, these are well-made and are great packs for really large dogs, but for dogs that are any less than 50 lbs, maybe look into a smaller pack. Our dogs are 40 lbs and 23 lbs, and they both can handle them, but they're just very baggy and they can't have them on for extended periods of time.

Watch the video below to see how we use them and what we put inside of them:


Introduction: At Hell's Gates-A Horror Anthology

AHG_cover mini

With Veteran’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to talk about the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect and defend our freedom. I have utmost respect for the dedication required to serve in the Unites States Armed Services. Up until a few months ago, I could only express my gratitude in limited venues. In July, I heard about an anthology that would not only present me with the opportunity to write a short story to introduce my upcoming Zombie Apocalypse Series, I learned that all proceeds were going to a very worthy cause…the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. ( Curious, I looked at the IFHF website and their mission statement told me exactly what I needed to know; this project was an amazing opportunity to give back to those who have given so much.  The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund Mission Statement is this:

                "The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund serves United States military personnel wounded or injured in service to our nation, and their families.  Supporting these heroes helps repay the debt all Americans owe them for the sacrifices they have made in service to our nation.  They are, in the words of our founder, the late Zachary Fisher, “our nation’s greatest national resource,” and they deserve all the help that our nation can provide.  The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a leader in meeting this important national mission."

Working together, we, the authors writing for At Hell’s Gates discovered the perfect way to use our talents to show our support to all branches of the Armed Services. The best part is that they aren’t the only ones who benefit. This anthology is packed with spine-tingling stories to enthrall and terrify readers as they turn pages into the wee hours of the night. Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself. Here’s the book synopsis:

             “When evil overflows from the deepest, fiery pits, the battle will be At Hell’s Gates…Whether you are a zombie aficionado, or you feed on horror, there is something for everyone. We’ve summoned some of the top Zompoc authors, masters in horror, and even some new talent to strike fear into even the most jaded soul. Dare you look, let alone approach, the dreaded gates?

Each skillfully crafted vignette showcases previously created worlds in the individual author’s works. If you’ve ever yearned for more back story or ached to learn what happened to a peripheral character; your wait is over. But, as they say, “Be careful what you wish for”. Once it has been seen, you cannot go back. And once infected; there is no cure.

This collaboration is in honor of the brave men and women in our Armed Services who willingly lay down their lives for our freedom. Words could not possibly express our undying gratitude, so we have banded together, doing what we do best, to show our appreciation. All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to serve wounded soldiers and their families. This is for you, those who have truly been…At Hell’s Gates.

Now, I believe that members and regular followers of ZRT alike are not just fans of Zombies; we believe in using our talents to help others. Many of us have veterans and active-duty members from all branches of the U.S. Armed Services in our families, or perhaps you are one yourself. This is great opportunity to help those who were injured defending our freedom, and their families.At Hell’s Gates will be an ongoing series with different overall themes but the purpose remains the same; proceeds will ALWAYS go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. If you’d like to submit a story for a future volume you can do so at:!submission-guidelines/c1qw5. Most importantly, whether you decided to purchase the anthology, submit your writing, or both, you are contributing to a very worthy cause so get yours today at For all the latest information regarding release and upcoming volumes, be sure to follow At Hell’s Gates-A Horror Anthology on Facebook at: and the website AHG_banner_450x132