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Are pre-made dog/cat survival kits worth it?

Example of our pet BOB. We have two dogs, so we double everything by 2. (Except the pills, those are just for 1 dog)

Example of a simple pet BOB. We have two dogs, so we double everything by 2. (Except the pills, those are just for 1 dog)

The pic above is a very simple example of what we have stored for our dogs, though it goes into much more depth than that.

We stumbled across a listing for a dog/cat pre-made survival kit and we have nothing against the site that it's on, however, we decided to dissect it and give our opinion about why you should probably just make your own.


Do You Have a First Aid Everyday Carry Kit?


There are numerous reasons to carry a first aid kit with you as an everyday carry item. It's especially important if you have kids or pets.

We use our everyday carry first aid kit on a, well, everyday basis.

Even if you're just using the tweezers or bandaids on a regular basis, it's important to have something on you at all times in case of emergencies; whether big or small.

The Zombie Response Team everyday first aid kit is small enough to carry around in your bag, purse, car kit or where ever would be most convenient for you to keep a first aid kit handy.

1 Tweezers
1 Sanitizing wipes
1 Tube of Antibacterial
2 Mini Glow Sticks
4 Alcohol Pads
1 Big Bandaid
4 Regular Bandaids
2 Small bandaids
2 Safety pins
2 Cotton balls
Waterproof tape

All packed inside of a tin case.

Of course, no one is saying that the ZRT first aid kit is the end all, be all of first aid kits. You may have different needs in your kit. You can certainly build your own. And even with our kit, there's always room to expand on the contents to better fit your needs.

You know what they say, right?

When you need, you don't have it and when you have it, you don't need it.

Don't be caught in the circumstance of needing something and not having it.


[PODCAST] The Ultimate Guide to Purifying & Storing Water

We have an older podcast where Morgan talked a short bit about long-term water storage, but in this podcast, ZRT goes into much deeper depth and dispel some common myths. Noel does most of the talking when it comes to sanitizing (or, "purifying" as is the famous buzz word), water, as well as answering a question from Facebook regarding how to store water in a vehicle. Morgan and Josh chime in about how to generally store water, best practicing for sanitizing water and it's great times had by all.

Listen below!


Survival Tip Tuesday: NOAA Weather Radio


Do you have a NOAA weather radio in your home? It could be as advanced as something that audibly alerts you to severe weather coming your way.

Or it could be something as simple as a radio that is constantly tuned to the NOAA weather service and all you gotta do is turn it on to hear the news.

While it's a good idea to have a smart phone app that can also alert you, as well as generally being in the know about what's happening in your area, having access to a battery powered radio where you can hear weather reports will be extremely useful in a disaster situation.

Prices range from $10-$70 (or more), so do some research and get a designated weather radio!