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What's Your Plan B?


Like most of you, Sunday nights in October mean I’ll be watching AMC’s The Walking Dead. With the new season starting soon, it seemed like a good time for a recap. Hopefully, enough time has passed that I don’t have to scream, “Spoiler Alert” (especially since all of the ads showed that Rick and his gang lost their hold on the prison) but just in case….Spoiler Alert!

If I haven’t scared you off, then you’re aware that the prison was under attack. In the midst of the chaos, a beheading, and walker attacks, everyone scattered. Well, those who survived, subsequently, scattered but you catch my meaning. The group was forced to split up and, later, no one knew where to find their companions. If you’re a member, or even a regular follower of the ZRT, then you were probably wondering why they didn’t have an evacuation plan. Why wasn’t there a rendezvous point (or several) established ahead of time? If you’re really like me, you were probably screaming all of this at the television during the chaos…but I digress.

Other than the obvious reason: it was a pivotal plot point which the writers used in order to explore each character’s emotional depth; I’d like to think there was another reason for this catastrophic oversight. There is a greater message to take away from this seemingly simple plot device. The fact is, when people get comfortable they grow complacent. Essentially, that’s just a fancy way of saying we allow ourselves to fall under the illusion that nothing bad could happen and, unfortunately, laziness strikes. The daily grind lulls us into a false sense of security. Either way, it could be the difference between life and death.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, they had a multitude of flesh-eating walkers roaming around, unchecked. How could they be expected to hold evacuation drills every month?” If you’re legitimately surrounded and completely outnumbered by zombies, then it is probably more dangerous to hold regular evacuation drills than not; however, there were enough members of their group that left the confines of the prison on a regular basis. They had knowledge of the surrounding area and could easily have drawn up maps. As guardians of young children, it was their obligation to arrange a “buddy system” to ensure the safety of those little ones. My point is, regardless of the circumstances, it is never an excuse not to have a plan!

First and foremost, you'll need to establish where you're going in the event of an emergency. If disaster strikes, you must have an evacuation plan in place. You'll need to map out more than one route to get there. Please do not assume highways will be cleared for public use. Make sure you have a route that consists entirely of secondary roads, if the main routes are shut down. Lastly, if vehicles are not an option do you know how to get there on foot or with a bicycle? Can you read maps without the help of a SatNav or can you plot a course with a compass? Now that you've put those plans into place...what if that plan is no longer an option? A backup safe house, all new routes, and evacuation plans need to be established. If not, you can't expect to weather the storm any better that your favorite The Walking Dead character. Those pesky zombies have a bad habit of disrupting everyone's plans.

The same holds true right now, today. No, we don’t have hordes of reanimated corpses shuffling around our neighborhoods in a diabolical search for human flesh. (Yet) Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to map out an evacuation plan. Do you have rendezvous points established for your family, in the event of a disaster? Would your children know where to go if they couldn’t get home? If the route to your base camp is cut off, do you already have an alternate avenue mapped out? Does the rest of your family/friends/group? I cannot stress this enough; planning ahead saves lives. Make sure you have a plan, and a PLAN B.

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Emergency Blackout Kit


At ZRT, we're constantly evaluating how we can assist people with being better prepared.

We understand that being prepared isn't always easy. While we do our best to fill your heads with knowledge, we also know that money and time can be tight.

We have designed our blackout kit specifically for regular people in mind.

It can go in your kitchen drawer, in the garage, in your nightstand, maybe your dresser or even your desk drawer. This kit will be able to assist you during a blackout.

It is not a complete kit, but it even has suggestions on what else you should have during a blackout, right inside the kit.

Let's say, there was a really bad thunderstorm and your lights are now out. Yikes! What do you do? First thing most peopel do is call their electric ompany to see what's up.

But sometimes before you can even do that, you gotta find a light source like a candle or flashlight. Having a small kit readily available with the necessary supplies next to your bed, in the kitchen or where ever else that you usually dwell; is highly suggested. Knowing you have those supplies ready to go will put your mind at ease and will help you better focus on getting the power back on, instead of trying to scramble for a flashlight that used to be in that one place at that one time and hoping the batteries still work.

From just the simple example of the lights going out (for an undetermined amount of time), you only have yourself to rely on. Which means that you need to have the necessary supplies and knowledge in order to keep your daily routines going without too much disturbance. The Zombie Response Team Emergency Blackout Kit is a great way to getting prepared for blackouts.

Don't be left in the dark! Get prepared with the Emergency Blackout Kit.


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